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California Probate Code controls the probate process and how property will pass to heirs of a decedent upon their death. Documenting your wishes in a will is an important first step. However, you will also need someone you trust to carry out your instructions. The legal term for such an individual is an executor. As your representative, your executor will oversee the probate administration process, pay any debts of the estate, distribute the remaining assets to your heirs, see that all retirement plan and life insurance benefits are received, and file the appropriate tax documents, court filings, and fees. Being an executor is a great responsibility.

Many problems can arise during the probate process that can delay the dispensation of the estate’s affairs and consume estate assets. Poor or negligent probate administration by an executor can even lead to probate litigation.

 RAXTER LAW can assist you in probate administration matters. We can oversee the probate process and assist the executor in all aspects of administration. The goal is that the probate process proceeds in a timely, orderly, and cost-effective manner.

If a loved one passes away without a Trust, and Probate Administration proceedings are needed, we are able to assist our clients in navigating the Probate process quickly and efficiently. Probate in Riverside, San Diego, Orange or Los Angeles Counties can be an intimidating process. There are legal papers to draft and file, petitions to publish, bonds to file, notices to serve, and several thick books of rules that each petitioner must strictly follow at each step in the probate process all of which is controlled by the California Probate Code.

Our office appears weekly in probate courts all over Southern California. Due to this we strive to be familiar with the probate judges, the courtroom staff, and all of the related laws and procedures. This allows us to successfully navigate the probate process to ensure that our client’s cases are completed as quickly as possible and efficiently.

If possible, please complete the Estate Planning Worksheet before your appointment. This will not only save time but it will get you thinking about what will be discussed during your estate planning appointment.