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August 25, 2021by RaxterLaw
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Many people assume that estate planning is only done by the elderly or people with vast estates.  This is a mistake as most adults or couples should plan for their estate which would include planning for their assets, care for their children, or plan for incapacity.

The following are just a few reasons to consider estate planning:

  1. Estate plans protect your family including minor children;
  2. Estate plans can eliminate questions or chaos upon a loved ones passing;
  3. Estate plans can protect against extra taxes;
  4. Proper estate plans can protect against certain governmental liens;
  5. Estate plans allow you to determine your care plan if you should lose capacity;
  6. Estate plans can avoid probate court;
  7. Estate plans can create a legacy;
  8. Estate plans can retain certain property within a family, if desired;
  9. Estate plans can determine guardians for your minor children;
  10. Estate plans can assist with and eliminate disputes regarding burial instructions;
  11.  Estate plans can create powers of attorneys that spring into action when needed

These are just a few reasons to consider estate planning. Estate planning is less expensive that you may think and can really save your family and estate money by preplanning now.

If you are considering estate planning in California, please give us a call at 951-226-5294. We are available in person at our two office in Menifee, California and Riverside, California or available remotely via zoom or the telephone.

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