Law Clerk

Raxter Law Firm

Having earned
his Law Degree, Jay is charged with:
 Assisting in management of cases involving civil litigation from inception to
completion encompassing case analyses and legal research
 Drafting of both initial and responsive pleadings and motions
 Filings of procedural documents
 Client and opposing counsel communications in order to best address the needs
of our clients
 Performing legal, factual, records research
 Identifying relevant judicial decisions, statutes, legal articles, codes and other
pertinent material
 Cross-checking and validating information
 Drafting legal documents including briefs, pleadings, appeals, agreements,
contracts and legal memoranda
 Helping prepare legal arguments, applications, declarations and motions
 Checking and edit legal forms and documents for accuracy
 Organizing and tracking case files
 Reviewing and monitor new and updated laws and regulations
 Maintaining law library
 Co-ordinates law office activities such as subpoena delivery
 Locating and interview witnesses
 Helping with trial preparation including witness lists, exhibits and trial binders
 Assisting the lawyer in the courtroom