Has payment under a life insurance claim been denied?

Legal Dispute of Life Insurance Claim Denial

The dispute of an insurance denial regarding a life insurance policy can be a devastating event. Life insurance policies are purchased to protect and provide for our families by taking care of the ones left behind. A denied claim is the last thing beneficiaries expect as they are dealing with the death of the insured.

The insurance companies have a staff of actuaries and accountants whose job it is to calculate risks when they issue a life insurance policy. Their advantage is secure from the start; however, when an insurance company denies a life insurance claim, their profit is substantial. They are counting on the fact that you will not legally dispute the insurance denial.

Bad Faith Denial of Life Insurance Benefits

This incentive to deny has lead to tactics used by insurers to delay or deny life insurance coverage, with accusations of fraud or misrepresentation on the part of the policy holder.

Often they will look for policy exclusions that would theoretically allow them to deny the claim.

It is recommended that beneficiaries do not attempt to appeal these cases without the help of qualified legal counsel. If an insurer has unjustly denied your claim on a valid policy, we can help you dispute the insurance denial.

Life Insurance Denial Lawyer

Dispute of life insurance denial is a contractual issue that requires an attorney well-versed in insurance law, insurance policies, and insurance applications.

We are respected and are on your side against the major life insurance companies.

Often insurers are willing to settle out of court, yet we are prepared to take your case to trial as needed.

If you have received a denial letter or expect one, please give us a call for a free evaluation of your claim.


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