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You won a lawsuit – now what?  Well that depends. Did you the debtor pay you the judgment? If not, you will likely need to use the resources of a collection attorney to obtain the debt owed to you.

Taking that judgment and turning it into a payment to you is what we do.

We employ a number of both time-tested and cutting edge strategies to ensure that you get the funds you need after your judgment has been delivered.  To name a few of these strategies, Menifee Lawyer is highly experienced when it comes to the process of placing liens on a debtor’s property and levying a debtor’s income or bank accounts.

Although those methods are some of the most commonly employed strategies for recovering debts, each one of them relies on the ability of our firm to exhaust any and all strategies for locating a debtor’s assets or resources and putting them into your pockets.  While you probably know that you’ll need help with the legal process of garnishing wages or levying bank accounts, you might be surprised to learn how difficult it can be to trace a debtor’s assets and make sure you have the best opportunity possible to recover the funds to which you are entitled.

We are ready, willing, and able to collect your judgment. Please know that judgment collection doesn’t happen overnight but we will work diligently on recovering the debt owed to you.  While every case is different and no single remedy for debt collection will work for each individual client, we are confident that together, we can find a solution for collecting any and all outstanding debts that you are owed.

We encourage you to contact our offices to discuss your case. Most judgment collection is handled on a contingency basis. Feel free to give us a call to discuss.

Thank you and good luck!


Collect your Judgment