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Working Without A Contractor’s License Can Very Risky And Expensive

Under California Contractor’s State License Law enumerated in Business and Professions Code Sections 7000 to 7191, a contractor may not

California Eviction Process Explained

If the tenant doesn’t voluntarily move out after the landlord has properly given the required notice to the tenant, the

Estate Planning

Are you being sexually harassed at work?

Startling surveys show that one in four women are sexually harassed in the workplace. Numerous unlawful acts go unreported due

California Legalizes Marijuana Use, But Employers Can Still Keep Workplaces Drug Free

With the election over, there are a few new laws that could affect your business. Check out this article by

Concepts every business owner should know

Most entrepreneurs or small businesses don’t have a team of lawyers following them around to help make every decision. Just

How an Attorney can save your business Money

How An Attorney Can Save Small Businesses Money. California small business owners are usually conscientious about the cost, at least

Does your business need an employee handbook?

Does your company or business need an employee handbook? I bet the answer is….yes. Most companies have employee handbooks, but

Choosing a business entity

CHOOSING A BUSINESS ENTITY Choosing a Business Entity An important, but often misunderstood, decision in the life of a business

FTC filed a complaint against 1-800 contacts

The FTC filed an administrative complaint charging that 1-800 Contacts, the largest online retailer of contact lenses in the United