Business LawHow an Attorney can save small businesses money. Yes, really.

December 30, 2019by RaxterLaw

California small business owners are usually conscientious about the cost, at least the ones that desire to remain in business. Overhead is the killer of great ideas. Overhead consists of the cost of their necessary materials they need to manufacture their products or render their services, the cost of hiring and retaining qualified employees, and the cost of keeping their business open and in compliance with the law.

Maintaining control over these costs is imperative. All business owners must acknowledge that the more costs and expenses Top of ForBottoma small business incurs, the less profit is available for the business owners to enjoy. For this reason, small business owners are constantly looking for ways to trim their expenses and limit their costs. One flaw would be to cut out the expenses of a legal advisor and a qualified CPA. The CPA services are usually apparent, but the services provided by a California small business attorney; however, can easily be hidden.

Admittedly, “savings” is not the first word that comes to the minds of most people when they are asked to consider the word “attorney.” However, a small business attorney can indeed save business owners money in various ways:

– By helping minimize costs associated with a forming or operating a business:

This means choosing the appropriate business entity for your venture. Establishing business goals is an important decision that should not be enter

ed into without considerable thought. A small business attorney is well-prepared to consider your assets, goals, and risk tolerance and advise you as to the best business entity for your situation – and help you form that business entity with minimal delay. It would be ideal to have your attorney work with your CPA to best protect you.

– By helping you avoid legal troubles before they occur:

Unfortunately, business owners can find themselves in legal disputes quite easily, whether the dispute be related to contract law, employment law, immigration law, or bankruptcy law. Any such dispute can cost the business owner hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to resolve. Generally, prevention saves far more money than is spent on defending an issue later.

– By resolving unavoidable legal conflicts efficiently:

Some legal disputes and suits cannot be avoided no matter the skill of the attorney involved. Once these disputes erupt, speedy resolution of these disputes is key to minimizing disruption to your business’s operations and your business’s expenses. The laws affecting a business operations are complicated and ever changing.  A skilled small business attorney’s knowledge and experience, and advocacy can help ensure these lawsuits have as minimal impact on your business as possible.

– By working with you to develop an employment manual:

An employment manual is the saving grace and the best prevention against lawsuit stemming from employees.

If you are starting a business or have a business you should contact a local attorney and schedule an appointment. It would be prudent to bring your organizational documents, current employee manual, employee roster, and other related documents. Some attorneys will even visit your business location to get an even better idea of your business and it particular needs.


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