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December 4, 2019by RaxterLaw

Find out how a guardianship can become legal grounds for an adoption in this blog post by Raxter Law on how to get children adopted.

A Probate Guardianship is a court proceeding in which a legal guardian is appointed by the probate court to protect the person or estate of a minor. A Probate Guardianship suspends (but does not end, as in adoption) parental legal rights. Probate Guardianship is granted by the court if the court finds that it is “necessary or convenient”. Legally speaking, adoption is defined as the transfer of the parental rights of a child. Once an adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents are legally (and otherwise) the parents in every sense of the word.

Once a probate guardianship has been established for at least two years, the Probate Code authorizes the termination of parental rights if certain criteria are met. Probate Guardianship has long been an alternative to child protective services intervention for children whose parents are unavailable or unable to care for their children, or who fail to provide adequately for their children’s essential needs.

The California Probate Code 1516.5 is the basis of terminating parental rights and to convert a guardianship into an adoption. Under the Probate Code the overarching element that a guardian must prove to terminate parental rights is that the adoption would be in the best interest of the child. This is a less stringent standard than is typically required under the family code.  This is why it is important to choose a legal advisor that is well versed in Probate law.

If you have current guardianship over a minor there are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether to seek adoption of the minor. As you can imagine adoption is very emotionally charged for all involved and if it is necessary to terminate parental rights in order to proceed with the adoption this can and will cause even more stress and legal maneuvers.

The Courts and California Legislature has made it easier to seek adoption after a guardianship has been in place for more than two years. Despite the legal aspects of the process, the purpose of adoption is to provide the serve the best interests of the child.

If you have guardianship of a minor that you desire to adopt you should consult a local attorney that practices Probate Guardianship. In closing, every child deserves a loving and supportive home and thank you to everyone that provides such.


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