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Every day it seems there is a story in the news about a child being physically or sexually abused by an adult. In 2010 there were nearly 6 million children who were victimized by child abuse in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 600 thousand children, almost ten percent of the 6 million reported incidents, were victims of sexual abuse. The abuser could be a teacher, a priest, a neighbor, or even a family member. When the abuse occurs, a parent is left with a multitude of mixed feelings such as anger, guilt, and grief.


If your child has been abused, you should know that there are legal steps you can take outside of the criminal justice system. You may have the ability of bringing suit against the abuser in a civil court.


Before you read any further, if you feel your child is the victim of abuse you should contact the authorities’ immediately. A civil lawyer should be involved after the police and the orlando appeals attorney have taken the first steps, along with the criminal laywer. Your child’s safety and welfare is of the upmost concern. Once the dust has settled and you have gathered your thoughts, you may want to consider contacting a civil Attorney.


An attorney will be able to examine the details and evidence related to your case and tell you if your situation falls under the guidelines that would allow a civil suit to be filed. Sexual abuse cases can be extremely emotional cases for all involved and require that you have a compassionate attorney and staff to deal with your particular situation.


It goes without saying that child abuse has a significant impact on the victim. In addition to physical damage involved in sexual abuse, research generally refers to four general categories of emotional or psychological “injuries” resulting from child sexual abuse, each having varied psychological and behavioral effects.


Victims of child sexual abuse often bring personal injury lawsuits against the abuser (in addition to any criminal charges). When a personal injury lawsuit over sexual abuse is successful, the victims can be awarded monetary damages for their emotional or psychological injuries.


Your attorney will also evaluate the financial status of the abuser or their legal guardian (if the abuser is a minor) to inquire whether they may have the means to pay a financial judgment.


Generally, a civil lawsuit on the behalf of a minor victim of sexual abuse is to primarily obtain a monetary award that will cover the expenses of the child’s recovery and healing process. You may need to present financial evidence to back up your requested amount such as doctors’ bills, therapy bills, transportation costs to therapy sessions, hospital costs, and other specialized needs your child may require as a result of the abuse.


Your attorney will be able to help you present a strong case that will enable you to receive the compensation that your child deserves. Hopefully, you will read this article and view it as nothing more than an interesting article.  However, if in the unfortunate event that even a scintilla of it applies to you or someone you know, please accept my sincerest condolences and I hope you may find peace.


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