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Estate Planning

The Amazing Village in The Netherlands Just for People with Dementia

What a great place and idea! http://twistedsifter.com/2015/02/amazing-village-in-netherlands-just-for-people-with-dementia

California Probate Process

The California Probate Process in Graphic Form.    

Beware of Scams Targeting the Elderly

SCAMS – If it’s too good to be true…well you know! This month I was planning to write an article

Role of the Executor in a will

Executor’s role in Probate What is an “Executor?” In California the Executor is also called a personal representative. It is

What is Probate?

WHAT IS PROBATE? Probate is a legal proceeding that is used to wind up a person’s legal and financial affairs

Elder Financial Abuse

California Law requires all bank employees to report all suspected cases of elder financial abuse. The California Bankers Association has compiled