In 2019, the California State Assembly passed a law that gives victims of childhood sexual assault more time to seek justice against their alleged abusers.

The California Child Victims Act is the recent law enacted to better protect victims of childhood sexual assault. Whereas California previously allowed victims to file civil claims regarding childhood sexual assault up to age 26, it now allows victims until age 40. 

Additionally, the law gives adult survivors who recently discovered that they were abused in their childhood a period of five years from the point of discovery in which they can file a California sexual assault or seek damages for childhood sexual assault, even if they are older than 40 years old. 

Within the California Child Victims Act also there was the implementation of a “look back window.” This means that for three years, victims of childhood sexual assault can file a lawsuit over past childhood abuse, regardless of the statute of limitations. The look back window started in January 2020. The look back window ends on Dec. 31, 2022 deadline.


If you are a victim of childhood sexual abuse or sexual abuse the damages that possibly could be recovered include:

Costs of therapy, emotional distress, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, punitive damages (damages to punish behavior), among others.