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We are located in Menifee and Riverside, California. You shouldn’t have to worry too much when it comes time for your current legal situation. A qualified lawyer is just a phone call away at our local law office!

When you are facing legal issues, it can be tough to know how best to proceed. Without the right level of support from a qualified lawyer or law firm, this process is going to be incredibly difficult and complicated. At Raxter Law we never want our clients’ lives and businesses get hampered by an unfortunate situation that could have been avoided with proper planning ahead of time!


The team at Raxter Law has made every effort possible in order for individuals, families and companies alike not experience any undue stress about their current circumstances when looking into hiring quality representation during one’s most vulnerable times: being faced with costly litigation proceedings.

At Raxter Law, P.A., we are committed to making your tomorrow better than today by providing you with the legal representation that will help you navigate through life’s challenges and achieve success in the long term at a cost-effective price point which is affordable for all. 

At Raxter Law, P.A., our attorneys provide compassionate customer service while protecting their clients’ best interests throughout each step of litigation/mediation proceedings so they may be confident about what lies ahead on their path toward financial stability or avoidance of liability when possible based on current law(s).

Meet with a skilled and experienced lawyer at your first consultation. Our office is located in Menifee and Riverside California and handle cases all over the State of California. In order to be more convenient for our clients who can’t make it into town on their own as well those coming from outside areas. We offer two types of consultations: (1) initial in-office consults conducted by an attorney that are one hour long; or (2) a virtual consult via telephone or zoom. 
Our office charges a minimal $100 fee which will be applied to your matter should you need to retain our office. 

Menifee Office
27851 Bradley Rd, Ste 145
Menifee, Ca 92584
(951) 226-5294

Riverside Office
10429 Hole Ave
Riverside, Ca 92505
(951) 688-3800

Why Choose Us?

We strive to build long lasting relationships and work hard to provide personal service. 

If you are looking for lawyers in three-piece suits then let us give you a few names. If you are looking for someone who really cares about your matter and can provide you legal service in a relaxed environment using words you can actually understand then give us a call. 

We provide services in a reasonable and cost efficient manner. Despite our experience and training we keep our hourly fees lower than most other offices with equal training and experience. 

We use state of art practice management software. This allows us to communicate with clients and keep our clients constantly updated all while being paperless. 

Our office is highly rated by SuperLawyers, AVVO, Peers, and by our current and past clients.