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At Raxter Law, we're a community-centered law firm that provides individuals and businesses with cost-effective legal services. Our Menifee office empowers clients by supplying personalized counsel from our attorneys who are committed to providing individualized attention when it comes to your business or personal needs. We work hard in order for you to get the best results possible because at the end of day what matters most is protecting those things that matter most - whether it's your family, property rights, or your business, etc., give us a call today!
When you need legal advice, the last thing on your mind is a lawyer who can't take an interest in your situation. Our Menifee law office will empower and educate you about different options that are available to make sure we build long-lasting relationships with clients who want to work together toward making informed decisions for their future.

Dealing with legal issues is never easy. At Raxter Law, I felt comfortable and reassured throughout the entire process. Jeremiah and his office staff were honest and made time to answer the questions I had. I would highly recommend this law office for anyone in need” ~ Kelly, Raxter Law Client (AVVO)

A Lawyer you can actually understand and afford

When you need legal representation, it is important to work with someone who understands the nuances of your case and can provide personalized service. However, sometimes attorneys are difficult to understand because they use complex language that may be unfamiliar or hard-to-understand for a layperson. If this sounds like something familiar then contact Raxter Law today! 

At Raxter Law, P.A., we believe there’s no excuse not being able to get clear answers from an attorney when you have questions about where things stand legally speaking which is why everyone on staff speaks plain English ́and keeps themselves informed throughout every aspect of law within each practice

(951) 226-5294
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